8 Steps To Create a Bookshelf

Having a bookshelf is a great thing as you can not only put your books there but also locate some beautiful photos or small lovely items. The decorations that you will choose will allow you to make your bookshelf perfect for the interior style that you have in the room. If you’ve decided to build a bookshelf by yourself you will be excited not only when you see the result of your work but also during the construction process.

How to prepare yourself before building a bookshelf?
Making a bookshelf with your own hands is not a very difficult task, especially if you are planning to use MDF boards that already have the necessary sizes which should be 15,75’’. Don’t worry as the cuts you will need to do are really easy as you should cut by width, not by length.
One more thing that will allow you to build a bookshelf within several hours is to have side boards that already have special holes for the shelf pins. You can easily apply such pins to the shelves by hand and you don’t even need any specific tool, just keep in mind that you need 4 pins for every single shelf. Once everything is done you will be able to move your shelves easily by moving these pins.
Once all 4 boards are applied they will actually form a bookshelf as 2 of them are side ones and 2 more are the top and the bottom ones. You can also apply an MDF sheet to the back of the bookshelf so that it will be more durable.
Take into consideration that this article is about building an 8 ft. x 4 ft. bookshelf, so if you want to create it with another size you should change the measurements and metrics that are presented here.
Don’t forget about safety measures
Nothing special is required for this work, just try to be careful. The only thing you should also remember is the way to anchor your bookshelf correctly. Don’t think about screwing that MDF sheet into the wall as it won’t be durable. Use L-braces instead, it is better for anchoring.
Here is what you need for this work
6 shelf boards that are 0,75’' x 15,75’’ x 8 ft. (better to use the ones that are melamine covered)
2 shelf boards that are also 0,75' x 15,75’’ x 8 ft. and already drilled (better to use the ones that are melamine covered)
1 MDF sheet that is 0,75' x 15,75’’ x 8 ft. (also melamine covered)
24 metal shelf pins that are 0,5’’
2 2,5’’ L-braces
2,5’’ screws
2’’ screws
0,5’’ screws
Durable step ladder
0,5’’ finish nails
8 steps to make a bookshelf:
1. You should cut shelf boards.
It is essential to start by cutting them because that will allow you to find out what exact dimensions of the other boards you need. To make the measurements you should use a tape-line. After that, take a saw to cut 3 undrilled boards to make 6 ones out of them, as a result of which every board will be 4 ft.).
2. Take the top and bottom boards and cut them.
These boards should be longer than the shelves for obvious reasons but still, you need to cut them so that they become 4’ 1,5’’.
3. Use screws and make a bookshelf frame.
You should take 2 8 ft. boards as they will be used as side boards and then add 2 4’ 1,5’’ as they will be used for top and bottom sides. Now take your drill and make 4 pilot holes on every end of a top and bottom board (so it is 8 holes per board). After that, use 8 2,5’’ screws to connect the top board with the side boards. Do the same thing to connect the bottom board with the side ones. Here you go: your bookshelf frame is ready.
4. Prepare the back sheet by cutting it.
Take the bookshelf that you’ve just built and turn it over. It’s time to use a framing square. Apply it to this bookshelf. Now take your MDF sheet and place it on the bookshelf’s back. By the way, it may be hard to do this alone so you can use a hand of a friend to hold it together. Take a carpenter pencil and trace the side of the frame so that you can finally take this sheet and cut it to get the necessary dimensions using the saw.
5. Attach your back sheet to the bookshelf.
Now that you have the right size of the sheet you can place it on the bookshelf. Use 1,5’’ finish nails to nail to this sheet to the back of the bookshelf. You’ll need about 40 nails as 10 of them or even more should be located per side.
6. Place your self-made bookshelf into the proper position.
Everything is ready so you just need to tip it correctly. Make sure you place it close to the wall and don’t forget to ask someone to help as moving the whole bookshelf is hard.
7. Place the bookshelves carefully.
Now you should take the shelf pins and attach them to the side boards for the shelves. But be careful and re-check if all 4 pins for 1 shelf have the same height.
8. The last task is to anchor your bookshelf.
Take a durable step ladder to get to the top of your bookshelf. Search for 2 studs and then attach your L-braces to them with the use of 2’’ screws and a drill. After that, attach them to the bookshelf with the use of 0,5’’ screws. That’s it! Your bookshelf is absolutely ready and nothing will fall if you put something heavy on the shelves.

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