How to Build a Shed

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So, you're tired of seeing your outdoor accessories clutter up your basement. Or maybe you have a large amount of empty space in your backyard that you'd finally like to put to use. Regardless of the reason, you've decided to build a shed.
Fortunately, creating a shed is both straightforward and financially feasible for most homeowners. Below, we'll outline what you need to know before you begin to build your shed.

Select a Location

When it comes to creating a shed, location is key. You want your new space to sit in the perfect spot. But first, you have to decide just where that destination will be.

Make sure you have the proper permits for your intended building site, too. Your local building department will give you the consent necessary to commence your project.

Avoid building a shed at the bottom of a hill, where water is likely to build up and create potential mold and mildew issues. You should also pick a location that isn't very forest-like — meaning the area shouldn't be too full of trees and shrubbery that could cause potential damage from falling branches, leaves and debris.

Pick Your Foundation and Building Materials

Before you get too far into your shed-building plans, a primary step to take is choosing the foundation for your future project.

Wood is an excellent building material for difficult-to-access or slanted sites. Most people invest in T1 11 sliding wood because it's durable and easy to maintain . Review your options and choose the material best suited for your unique needs.

If you opt to hire a concrete contractor to create a slab for your shed, you may set yourself back over $1,000. That's why most people choose wooden panels for their project instead. If you're on a tight budget, limiting yourself to spending a few hundred dollars can buy you a substantial amount of quality wood for your future shed.

Establish Your Dimensions

Your motivations for crafting a shed are likely to vary. For some, a simple storage unit for smaller yard accessories will suffice. For others, sheds are perfect for storing larger, more valuable possessions, such as boats and jet skis.

Establish your motives for your shed, so you can form a better idea for how large your finished product should be. Outline your dimensions, and know how much material you'll need beforehand.

Prep the Site and Assemble Your Materials

When assembling your shed, you want the construction site to be clean and organized. Pick up any materials scattered across the ground, and use a pressure washer to reduce unwanted debris and dirt. It's a good idea to remove any shrubbery or trees that pose a potential risk for the safety of your future shed, too.

After you invest in the proper tools and materials, you can begin to put your shed together! Follow fundamental safety tips when using power drills, saws, and other potentially hazardous machinery.

No matter what plans you have for your shed, you'll need to map them out before beginning construction. After weeks of gradual progress, your shed will stand strong, sturdy and ready for your use.

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