40 Best Woodworking Projects For Kids

There are not many things more entertaining than completing a woodworking project with your kids. They get to know the tools you use for woodworking. And they’re also allowed to use their imagination completely.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best woodworking projects for kids. Yes, even kids can get their dose of fun with woodworking.

These projects will make them love woodworking even more. They are simple to complete, as long as you help them follow the instructions.

woodworking projects for kids

1. Candy Dispenser

Candy Dispenser

The first project on this list is a nice little candy dispenser. All kids love candy, and what better way to introduce them to woodworking than this project?

It will help them give candy, and it’s a fun way to help your kid use the creative brain cells. Sure, it can be a slightly more complicated project, but it will also be very rewarding!

Project details: boyslife.org

2. Coat Rack From Legos

Coat Rack From Legos

Don’t all kids love legos? You don’t need to have spare lego blocks. Instead, they are created with some simple gluing and woodworking.

In the end, you’ll get a nice coat rack. At the same time, your kid will learn woodworking basics such as drilling, sanding, and gluing.

Project details: erinspain.com


3. Wooden Catapult

Wooden Catapult

Want to create this wooden catapult that will fire off table tennis balls? This is an easy project for kids that will allow them to have a lot of fun. It’s very simple, even if it looks slightly complicated.

All you’ll need is some basic woodworking tools, a wooden block, 1” wood cube, popsicle stick, and some other basic accessories to get it done.

Project details: feltmagnet.com

4. DIY Bookshelf

DIY Bookshelf

However, you can put an end to that easily. This DIY bookshelf is a small enough project for kids.

Sure, it looks slightly complex, but don’t worry. When you see the actual plan for the project, you’ll see it’s an easy one.

Project details: thehandymansdaughter.com


5. Board Game Storage

Board Game Storage

Kids love to play board games. Sometimes though, they will inevitably lose parts of board games. This can make these games practically unusable since there are no necessary parts.

You can easily avoid that if you store your board games properly. And you can easily build a board game storage kit at home.

Project details: blog.consumercrafts.com


6. DIY Birdhouse

DIY Birdhouse

Does your kid like birds? If so, this project is just perfect for them. With this tutorial, you’ll be able to construct a lovely birdhouse that the birds around your home will find shelter in.

You can add your own little creative twist to the birdhouse, too. Maybe you like to use different colors for your birdhouse.

If that’s the case, you can easily change them. Follow the instructions to get it done easily.

Project details: acraftyspoonful.com


Woodworkers Treasure Chest


7. Wooden Wind Chimes

Wooden Wind Chimes

This particular project is made from balsa wood, but you can also use other wood types. Wind chimes like these are really easy to make.

It will be a great project if your kid has never done something like this before.

In addition, wind chimes will make a great addition to your home. You can place them in your kid’s bedroom, for example, or in the front yard.

Project details: mericherry.com


8. Poster Frame

Poster Frame

Kids love posters. They like to hang them around their bedroom. And they love them so much because they remind them of their favorite cartoon character.

It’s easy to hang them with tape and be done with it. However, the tape is not the most effective solution. Instead, create this poster frame for helping your kid  enjoy the posters even more

Project details: thehandymansdaughter.com

9. Wooden Robot Toy

Wooden Robot Toy

Instead of buying toys for your kid, how about they make one for themselves? This wooden robot toy is a great idea for that.

You’ll need some wooden blocks, a drill, some glue, and some string to get this project done.

Project details: adventure-in-a-box.com


10. Crayon Holder

Crayon Holder

Kids like to leave crayons unordered and strewn all over their rooms. That’s why they need a way to organize them.

A wooden crayon holder like this will really help that cause. Plus, it’s an easy enough project for kids. It also allows for some creativity.

In this particular example, the word “crayons” is engraved onto the block, but your kid can engrave their name on it, for example.

Project details: jaimecostiglio.com


11. DIY Kids Workbench

If your kid is serious about woodworking and wants to progress fast, then this should be the first step on their journey.

Creating a workbench like this can help your kid organize their woodworking tools.

However, if your kid loves other things, you can tailor it to any particular means possible.

Project details: fixthisbuildthat.com


12. Simple Boxes

Simple Boxes

They can be helpful for a variety of things. It allows your kid to store small things inside, such as candy, for example. Just follow the instructions, it’s an easy one.

Project details: instructables.com


13. Folding Tripod Camping Stool

Folding Tripod Camping Stool

For those who love camping, they know the importance of having a foldable stool like this.

It’s a great project for kids because they can create a stool tailored specifically for their size. It takes some skill, but not as much as it looks like.

Project details: woodandfaulk.com


14. Camping Tent For Kids

Camping Tent For Kids

Since we’re talking about camping, let’s take a look at this camping tent for kids. It’s a great way to gain basic woodworking skills with this project.

A tent like this can come handy when you’re out camping. While it’s not the best for sleeping inside, it’s great for spending time and relaxing in it.

Project details: jennaburger.com



15. Balancing Board

Balancing Board

While a balancing board may look awkward for us adults, it’s a fantastic toy for kids. It helps them get balance and spend time doing an athletic activity.

Project details: instructables.com


16. Mason Bee House

Mason Bee House

A mason bee house like this will take your kid only a few minutes to complete. Mason bees are pollinators and if your kid loves nature and bees, this project is perfect.

Female mason bees will use this house to lay their eggs inside. It’s a nice little shelter where the bees will get some safety.

Project details: feltmagnet.com


17. DIY Utensil Organizer

DIY Utensil Organizer

Sometimes, organizing utensils can be somewhat messy. If you don’t have a utensil organizer yet, you can make one from scratch.

And it’s a great project for kids, too. It also requires some painting, so it can get a bit messy if you’re not careful. But you can also use any color you want.

Project details: abeautifulmess.com


18. DIY Wooden Arrows

DIY Wooden Arrows

How about wooden arrows like these? They can be perfect for your kids’ room. And the best thing is, kids can make them on their own.

Sure, you will need to use a miter saw, which you can help your kid out with. But everything else is incredibly simple. Just follow the instructions and get it done.

Project details: cherishedbliss.com


19. X-Shaped Coasters

X-Shaped Coasters

X-shaped coasters like these are really easy to make. It requires only basic woodworking skills, which makes this project perfect for kids.

And coasters can come very helpful in your household. You can use them underneath your pots and cups that are too hot to be placed on a wooden table, for example.


Project details: homedit.com


20. DIY Rocket Shelf

DIY Rocket Shelf

A rocket shelf like this would really suit a kid’s bedroom. If your kid loves space and rockets, then consider this project a must.

It looks complicated, but it isn’t. The beauty of it is that you can make it as big or as small as you wish.

Project details: thehandymansdaughter.com


21. DIY Tree Swing

DIY Tree Swing

All kids love swings, and some adults do, too. That’s why a tree swing like this can be a great way to spend time with your kid, teaching them woodworking basics.

All you’ll need is a rope, a wooden block, and some elementary woodworking tools to get it done. And once it’s complete, all there’s left is to enjoy it.

Project details: themerrythought.com


22. DIY Circle Wood Shelf

DIY Circle Wood Shelf


This project is a fantastic DIY where you will have to use some imagination to come up with the circular design of the wood shelf.

Luckily, all the details are provided in the instructions, so you only need to get a few basic things.

A shelf like this can be brilliant for your kid’s room, or you can also use it in the living room, for example.

Project details: newblooming.com




23. Raised Garden Bed

Raised Garden Bed

Some kids love to plant vegetables and see them grow. It takes some dedication and regular maintenance of flowers, but in the end, it’s a great project for kids.

And they can even make a garden bed like this on their own. They might need some of your help, but ultimately, it’s a great project to nail the woodworking basics.

Project details: finegardening.com


24. DIY Dollhouse

DIY Dollhouse


Yes, dolls might be more for girls than boys, but even girls can take on easy woodworking projects like this.

It’s great to be used at home. Or, gift it to a friend as a birthday present.

Whatever you choose, you must know that this project is an easy one to complete. It allows your kid to use their creativity and put it to good use.

Project details: abeautifulmess.com


25. Wooden Airplane

Wooden Airplane

Creating a wooden airplane can be a fantastic way to inspire your kid to get creative. Plus, kids love airplanes, and the end product here can be fantastic.

You can use such an airplane as a decor piece in your kid’s bedroom. It can also be a toy for your kid, and it’s definitely something your child will be proud of when you complete it.

Project details: instructables.com


26. DIY Bookend

DIY Bookend

A woodworking project like this can be very simple, but it still requires a lot of creativity! And that’s exactly what you want to inspire from your kid.

You need some simple tools like a drill to get it done, though. It’s a great way to introduce your kid into drilling.

Project details: prettyhandygirl.com


27. Wooden Texture Stamps

Wooden Texture Stamps

Wooden texture stamps like these are very cool, aren’t they?

They can be used as decorative elements, or they can be used as stamps for different creative projects for your kid.

Project details: mothernatured.com


28. Pallet Family Name Sign

Pallet Family Name Sign

Do you have an unused pallet lying around your house? You can put it to good use with this little woodworking project for kids.

It takes some creativity and also some basic woodworking skills to get it done. You can print your family name onto the pallet to make it customized for you specifically.

Project details: onecrazymom.com


29. Wooden Chairs

Wooden Chairs

Yes, wooden chairs like these might look a bit unconventional. But the great thing about them is that you’ll only need one wooden block to get them done!

You’ll need a circular saw to complete it though. You’ll need to make some basic cuts into the board. And the end result is surprisingly great, even if it looks somewhat different!

Project details: instructables.com



30. Ruler Basket

Ruler Basket

How about a ruler basket like this? It can be used to store files and books. It’s an easy project for kids, but you will need some rulers for this project.

It would make a great birthday present for your teacher, for example. Or, you can use it at home to store your kid’s books and school accessories.

Project details: karascreativeplace.blogspot.com


31. Easy Wood Sculpture

Easy Wood Sculpture

It’s time to get creative! This project is a great one to inspire some creativity in your kid. These sculpture offer a lot of room for creative minds.

You can follow the instructions closely, or you can go into your own direction. You can change the arrangement of the shapes, and even pick your own colors.


Project details: artfulparent.com


32. DIY Wooden Toy Camera

DIY Wooden Toy Camera

This is not a real camera – it’s a mock-up of a camera that can be great for kids to play around with. It’s an easy project to make, and it only requires some basic sticking and gluing.

And your kid will also have all the capabilities to use their own creativity. They can color the camera as they want.

Project details: purelykatie.com


33. Wooden Crate Toy Box

Wooden Crate Toy Box


Are your kid’s toys strewn all over their bedroom? Then you need to teach them how to make an organizing wooden crate toy box.

It would help them store their toys easily, and they won’t be lying around your house anymore.


Project details: anightowlblog.com


Woodworkers Treasure Chest


34. Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder

A project like this can be nice both for your kids, but also for the birds. Your kids will have to use real-life woodworking tools, and maybe even for the first time. It’s a great way to learn woodworking.

And it gives the birds around your home a source of food. You’ll probably need to provide some help with the project, though.

Project details: innerchildfun.com



35. Walking Blocks

Walking Blocks

Have you ever seen walking blocks like these? They might look alien, but your kids will absolutely love them. It takes a bit of practice, though.

Creating them is fun and simple. It might need your hand with drilling, but other than that, it’s a pretty straightforward and fun project to take on.

Project details: instructables.com


36. DIY Treasure Chest Box

DIY Treasure Chest Box


A treasure chest like this can be fantastic for hiding things. For example, your kid can place pirate’s booty inside and hide it from other kids. This can make for an excellent treasure hunt.

You’ll need a miter saw, table saw, and some other woodworking tools to complete it. But all in all, it’s a simple project, and the instructions will help you complete it easily.

Project details: housefulofhandmade.com


Woodworkers Treasure Chest

37. Canopy Doll Bed

Canopy Doll Bed

If you have a daughter, then she will likely love dolls. And if you can help her create this canopy doll bed, it would be a fantastic project for both you and her.

The thing here is that even your kid can complete this project easily. You might need to give her a hand along the way, though.

Project details: buildandcreatehome.com


38. Ruler Growth Chart

Ruler Growth Chart

A ruler growth chart like this can be a fun way to measure your kid’s growth. And the great thing is that the kid can also help you making it.

You’ll need a wood board and some basic tools to get the polishing done. Your kid will be able to help you along the way, and you’ll be able to track their growth together for years to come!

Project details: madetobeamomma.com


39. Kids’ Step Stool

Kids’ Step Stool


Does your kid want to access higher areas in your home? Then a simple stool like this can do the trick for you.

It’ll help your kid access the higher areas of the closet, for example.

This stool is an all-wooden stool that will take some basic woodworking skills. It’s a great learning project for your kid, but you’ll likely going to have to help them along the way.


Project details: hertoolbelt.com

40. DIY Kids’ Playing Table

DIY Kids’ Playing Table

Last but not least, we have this playing table for kids. It’s a slightly more complex projects than most on this list.

But with some trial and error and a bit of your help, it should not be too hard to complete it.

A table like this can be fantastic for play rooms in your home, or for your kid’s bedroom. It can be used for any activity.

For playing board games, but also for other fun projects such as drawing, for example.

Project details: rainonatinroof.com



So, these are the best woodworking projects for kids that you can try out right now. They’re incredibly simple to complete, and they will teach your kid the basics of woodworking.

Did you enjoy the list? If you did, let us know in the comments section which woodworking project you like the most and which one you’ll be trying out with your kid in the future.

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