Inspiration for Woodworking DIY Projects – From Shed Plans to Birdhouses

When it comes to working with wood, there are all sorts of DIY projects. These can be made easily in your workshop or out in the backyard, depending on their size. What type of projects would you be interested in making? Check out the list below to see what appeals to you.


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For large DIY projects, you could build a shed in your backyard. You will need a set of shed plans to know how to construct one. These plans should tell you everything you need in materials and tools along with full dimensions of all the various parts of the building.

Sheds are one of the more useful projects you can build for yourself. They can be used for a tool shed, workshop, or storage for outdoor toys. The sheds keep the clutter out of the yard or garage.


For a small project that is simple to do, you may choose ornaments like those that go on a Christmas tree. Plans can be found for these or you can draw your own. Some of them are quite intricately made with the use of a scroll saw. Small ornaments to large pictures can be made with this type of saw. Ornaments are the perfect project to learn a scroll saw. Other types of tools could also be used though in making ornaments.


Pieces of furniture are often made as DIY projects. The plans for these are not quite as complicated as building the shed mentioned above, this means the pieces often take less time, but this depends on what they are. China cabinets can get a bit involved.

Keepsake Box

Another project that is easier to build than those using shed plans is a keepsake box. This box is to keep items in that are precious to the owner. Boxes like these make great gifts to give to people. You can make them large or small. Decorate carving can be done on these if you have the skill.

Building a Deck

Now, for a major undertaking you could build a deck onto the house. This could be a new one in the event you do not have one already or it could be replacing the one that is wearing out. Make sure any deck is safely attached to the house. Many plans are available to show you how to make the perfect deck for your style of house.


Birdhouses can be whimsical, creative or very simple and basic. Many styles of these are just thought up by people. You can also design your own. These can be made from a variety of things including wood, metal, old bottle caps and more. Plans can be purchased as with the shed plans or you can draw out your own.

These are just some of the DIY projects you could enjoy making. Many others exist for you to choose from, it just depends on what you want or need to make. If you take pleasure in working with your hands, start planning your next project today. However, if you have never made anything before, you can learn through DVDs books and Internet tutorials how to make various projects. Check into this further today to share in the fun.

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