Survival Foods That Last For Decades


Easy to make and store, hardtack has been the staple of travelers and army for many centuries. One of the oldest hardtack was recorded to be 150 years old!

Dried beans.

Again, easy to store, dried beans offers very long life shelf as long as it is kept inside a jar or container, safe from weevils. Also make good source of proteins and nutrients.

Honey and sugar.

Both have extremely long life shelf and with sugar being used to preserve other food as well, like fruit jam. Honey are said to last forever but still I won't try my luck if I found one in an ancient temple.


Now this takes a lot of effort to make and the yield is low after much water been removed from the meat, but jerky is an old food that many civilization survived on. Too hard to eat? Well, just throw it into a pot and turn it into stew.

Dry salted fish.

This sodium-loaded fish not only lasts long, but also a good source of salt if you are running low. It is said Vikings during long journey will bring salted fish as part of their ration and cook them in a type of stew or soup.


Found in sea, salt marshes, and even in the Himalayans, salt that is once used as currency is truly one of the foods that will never spoil. Great to flavour your meal, to preserve the extra harvest or hunts, and to supplement any lost salt from your body. By the way, in any chance you are desperate and can’t find any salt, try go to an animal farm. They usually have blocks of salt which they give cow to lick.


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