How to cut your power bill up to 75%..

Are you searching for ways of cutting electric bills? One discovery that I have made and am pleased to be using today is the use of renewable energy systems. They allow me to generate my own free electricity via wind and solar power systems without having to use electric provided by the grid company. This has helped me greatly reduce my electric bills by more than 70%.

1. Where Do You Get the Materials Needed to Build your Own Renewable Power Systems?

Even though it is possible to buy windmills and solar panels for retail price, they are extremely expensive and take a long time to recover the initial investment costs. There are now plans online that teach people how they can build their own homemade energy systems for less than $200.

These plans usually include video tutorials as well, and they can be downloaded and watched over the internet. Most of the materials needed for construction of solar panels can be found in any nearby hardware stores on in your garage.

2. Learn to Build Homemade Power Systems by Downloading DIY Guides

This is the method that I personally used and I found it to be very affordable and easy to do. I learned how to make my own wind turbines and solar panels according to the amount of power my household consumed and the amount of space I had around my house. When everything was done, my total costs for all the projects were about $180, which is much less than what it would cost to buy retail windmills and solar panels.

3. How Much Money Can You Save From your Electric Bills with Homemade Energy Systems?

Once I started using them, I realized that my power bills became much lower than previous months. My initial investment costs were fully recovered by then, and I am continuing to save up on costs today. When the system creates more electricity than required in the house that runs the meter back, it can also be sold back to the grid for your own profit.

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The author has managed to reduce his energy bill by more than 80% by building his own renewable home energy system. Check out his website above to find out how to do it!

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  • Interested to your idea, I would like to know how can I do it. Thanks for it

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