Begin Your Complete Survival Food List

When we store food from a survival food list, we are applying good economics. We require a total procedure, to patiently accumulate, in small increments, all the foods that we might need.

Here I'll give you the principles of such a plan, the fundaments, so that you can easily tell apart between a decent plan, and a top-notch plan, after you finish this piece.

In a survival situation, some things, which might encourage us, are candy, tea, and gum.

If we prefer not to end up eating worn out food, then we need to replace our stockpile from time to time.

We could do this with labels on our cans, with lists, or with a number of different shelves. One shelf has packages that become outdated within the same time range.

Whatever we usually get, we now buy more of the same, when we shop, until our stockpile will be large enough to last for 1 year. We do it a little at a time. Whenever we shop we buy a few more for-the-future cans or products.

Beyond the packed food, we maintiain a goodly stockpile of seeds, vegetables, fruits, and spices.

Honey lasts a long time. Raw honey is best. Honey produced locally alleviates pollen allergies, in the whereabouts, where it is produced. Put honey in cuts and wounds, for it is antibacterial.

The topic, of 72 hour kits, is a appropriate place for us to begin, in stocking up for catastrophe preparedness. We don't know whether we will be put in the position of holding fast at home, travelling in a vehicle, or afoot.

The survival food list that goes with any 72 hour kit will be different from those with long shelf-life, for a more stable long-range stash. We want edibles that are lightweight and don't take much space. To keep it simple we will desire foods that are all set to be eaten. Here are some suggestions for you:

Fruit Cups

Pudding Cups

Canned Juice

Fun Fruits

Box Juices

Applesauce Cups

Dried Fruits

Fruit Rolls

Packages of Raisins


Cheese & Crackers


Bread Sticks

Snack Pack Cereal

Trail Mixture



Beef Hash

Canned Meat

Dried Beef


Beef Sticks

Beef Jerky


Beef Stew

Canned Fish



Granola Bars

Power Bars

Protein Bars


Hot Cocoa Mixture

Hard Candy



Canned Milk

Powdered Milk

For each person a gallon of water

Many folks pack their own food, in buckets -- either 2 gallon or 5 gallon -- or in mylar bags or #10 cans.

To store food a long time, in a fixed location, your food will be more secure in metal cans. Those cans must be pre-packed for you, or else you must be able to get your hands on a dry-pack canning machine.

The basic survival food list for this type of stockpile includes whole grains, sugar, salt, nonfat dry milk, dried beans, and raw nuts.

Now the knowledge is yours,that you can use to assess any overall plan for getting and stockpiling of munchies for catastrophe survival. Your next step is to go over the longer term plan.


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