How To Manage Your Survival Food List

This is a good way to start the stockpiling of food beforehand. We will benefit from a bit-by-bit plan, made by those, who have the most experience in stockpiling food. I cannot in this article share the whole plan, so I'll give you the nitty gritty here first.

We know about 2 different types of survival food list, one for your long term stash, and another having foods that are ready to be eaten, to wit, if you have to leave in a hurry. Single or small portion amounts of cooked or ready food ought to be used for fast getaway, or times of great disruption..

Be sure, that your cache has numerous ilks of meals. convenience snacks, of the ilk of cheese curls, potato chips, and popcorn, won't soon go bad in storage, but they will never energize us, nor fill us with pep and vim.

Both vegetables and fruits are more rich in vitamins and minerals, than dairy and meat. Get your protein from dairy, meat, nuts, and beans. Whole grains with beans is the best way to get all 27 of the essential proteins each day. Our intake of omega fatty acids can be found in raw walnuts.

Cooking destroys certain vitamins. That being the case, you'll need to get fresh vegetables or herbs, expecially green ones, the like of which are to be found growing in any fertile area. Some, that are easy to be found, are chicory, leaves of alfalfa, field cress, clover leaves, and dandelion greens..

Vitamin C is particularly hard to get, unless you eat fresh foods.

Pine and spruce needles will yield vitamin C into unheated water, cut up with scissors or knife. Drink the water prepared with those needles, and we will enjoy the flavor. We should all learn to discriminate between pine and spruce, versus other needled trees.

Red meat is nearly the only food that supplies us with much vitamin B12. Swiss cheese has some vitamin B12. We'll get all of our B vitamins, if we eat nutritional yeast, or else brewer's yeast. Some folks like the flavor of one better than the other.

Bars of food are not enough to make a good survival food list. Think about adding nuts, jerky, canned beans, crackers, and canned vegetables.

See whether there is a date imprinted on your food's container. If not, use indelible ink to write the date when you got the food. For each container, before the food gets too old, either eat it, or else give it to poor folks. Then replace it with newer food.

With what we just learned, our survival food list will be better than others. Your next step is to learn, and to follow,the step-by-step plan.


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